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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blue on Blue: Chardon Skirt

My first Deer & Doe Project Complete!
Pattern: Chardon Skirt

 This was actually a really easy skirt to make and the pattern is very simple.  The only complaint about the pattern is that the instructions are very sparse, it took some thinking to figure out what the pattern was trying to say when it came to creating the pockets for the skirt.  Yes, this skirt has POCKETS! I'm thrilled about that detail.

Pocket step 1: After the edges of the fabric are finished to prevent fraying, place the right sides of the fabric of one skirt side and one of the pocket sides at a time together... then sew along the edge.  Make sure the pockets are in the right positions and are facing the right way so that the depth of the pocket is actually going towards the bottom of the skirt and it's not upside down.

Pocket step 2:  With the 4 sets of pocket/side pieces complete, unfold the fabric and pair them up with the correct sides and pockets together with again, the right sides of the fabric facing each other.  Then sew along the edges per the instructions of the book.  After that, everything is pretty smooth for this particular pattern.

Skirt Front

Skirt Back


This skirt took one evening to trace/cut pattern with the cutting of the fabric needed... and one evening of sewing the skirt itself.  I think as far as clothes go, this isn't all that complicated or time consuming.

It's a beautiful day so it's time to go back outside to enjoy the sunshine! Happy Saturday!


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