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Monday, January 6, 2014

Some of the best projects are the simplest. Bonus: Cute Hedgehog

Sneak Peek: Hedgehog Pincushion! Read on!

Simplicity can bring such satisfaction and joy.

So I have this boomerang pillow from SleepNumber that is super comfortable, but the case that it came with isn't very soft.  It's smooth, but not huggably soft.
First, I washed and dried the fabric to decrease likelihood of shape warping when I wash it later.  Then, everything else was nearly as simple!  I ironed the flannel and then folded it in half (it's approx. 2 yards worth) then outlined the laid-flat pillow cover... then sewed up the sides, leaving one of the sides open.  Then hemmed the open end and voilĂ , simple pillow case cover that is perfect for these cold winter days!

This boomerang pillow case is a total win because of the amount of "Usefulness" it provides, relative to the amount of inputs (complexity/time/money) that went into it.  "Usefulness" totally outweighed the effort I put into it. To me, the simplicity is beautiful and it makes me happy, even though it isn't much of a looker by modern standards.  Sometimes, I think that's a problem in my life.  Sometimes expectations about what something should look like, be like, sound like, feel like, etc. just blinds me and prevents me from living in the present and appreciating all the little details in my life that make my life all the more meaningful.  I really enjoyed making this boomerang pillow cover and I feel a lot of satisfaction because it was so easy and will provide me many cozy nights of sleep (zzZZzzz).

Now... the Adorable Hedgehog!
Original/Inspiration Hedgehog Pincushion Tutorial.
The tutorial from the site comes with a really nice pre-prepared printable drawing to use as guides to cut the fabric! (Materials used for the hedgehog, minus the stuffing)

When the tutorial calls for some of the pieces (head, ear, and body template) to be cut two times, but in mirrored form... this is what she means.

Note that when cutting the faux fur (if you choose to use faux fur) that the hair should be headed towards the back of the body.

I personally enjoyed lint-rolling periodically.  This is partly because I was a little concerned that the hand vacuum would just blow the tiny pieces of faux fur all over the places...didn't exactly want to cough up faux fur.

So, at some point, the tutorial says to pinch and sew the ears.  To make it easier, I sewed a tiny "dot" in the middle of the ear so that when it's pinched together, the middle doesn't bulge out, and to ensure that when sewing the ear that the needle goes through all the layers it needs to go through.

When sewing the ears on, don't sew the entire ear to the body, just the bottom.


Sewing the head to the body, the right side of fabric (the side of the fabric you see) touches the right side of the other fabric.  Then sew together.

Each side of the head is sewn on to its matching side of the body!

The furry side of the two body pieces will be touch.
Sew the two pieces together, but make sure you leave the back open... 
The rest of the tutorial is pretty straight forward!

This hedgehog pincushion is such a joy to make.  It definitely has a strong cuteness factor.  Even if this hedgehog was really complicated to make... it'd be worth it.

There are many wild animals that I am completely overcome with excitement about when I see them, I just think they're amazing creatures.  
For the pygmy hedgehog, this is where it all started, the youtube video titled Boogie Boogie Hedgehog.
Then there's Biddy the Hedgehog on Instagram.
Now I have a cute little hedgehog pincushion!

In the future, projects incorporating other cute wild animals will created!

What are some simple DIY projects that bring you joy?
What are some projects that are totally worth the effort?


  1. Feier! This is SO freaking cute! I'm totally gonna go home and make one now! <3


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