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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ASAP54 App: When you see what you want but just can't find the words...

ASAP54 is a new app that is available on iPhone (Not sure if it is available on Android).  My friend and I were playing around with it earlier today to test it out and it's not bad.

You know when you're out and about and you see somebody wearing a shirt or boots that you think is totally fabulous but you don't know where to buy it or at least find something similar? You then google words like "blue and white patteren blouse with gold buttons" or something and you end up with all sorts of things that are NOT what you are REALLY trying to find. This app is for you!

-Identify items in that color
-Identifies patterns okay
-Super easy and also shows you other options that are similar that could be of interest
-You can filter by price and/or brands

-You have to be really good at cropping the photo... I had my earrings are pink bow earrings right now but when she took the photo of it with my hair (black) still in it... it pulled up black jewelry.  So... Crop properly.
-You have to scroll down a lot to find something close to what you were really looking for
-From a photo it cannot tell if it's a halter, criss-cross, spaghetti strap,pleats... or anything like that.

-You find something somebody is wearing that you want
-You see something in the style you like but they are out of your size
-You see a photo on the internet of an outfit you really want to find but it's just an image and not associated with a store

Given that this is a new app, it has plenty of room for improvement but so far it is fun to use and I can see how it can at least point you in the right direction or introduce you to to new things.

Let's test some of this out:


Uh... NO.


I don't think I would depend on this to find things that I want beyond color/patterns.

Now I wish they could do this with fabrics as well.  I love fabric.com and moodfabrics.com but it is SO OVERWHELMING to scroll through every page, it is absolutely dizzying.


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