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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Osprey: for the "do it all" commuter

Life moves quickly, you want to multi-task, be healthy, work hard, play hard, find time to work out, look good, feel good.... Expectations are set pretty high!

I don't currently commute because I now work remotely from home, but I do travel occasionally for recreation or for work.

This week I've been spending most of the work week back at the corporate office and working from the new, more agile/modern space my organization just moved to.  Even the space has a lot of high expectations... There is space to be able to work quietly in more secluded cubicles, standing desks, little rooms with giant screens, large open tables with built in outlets, booth areas... Open space with a lot of different areas to accommodate all sorts of working styles, all in one place.  

Many people  strive to do that with life.

This week I noticed that one of my coworkers was coming into work carrying two backpacks, one for gym gear, and one for work stuff. These bags were stacked on top of each other and it looked a bit awkward to walk around that way, with the weight going side to side a lot.  I really admire his commitment to prioritize his physical health while working really hard (I can attest to the fact that he is super work committed too!).

I thought about what it is that I would have done if I wanted to bring workout stuff and figured I would probably opt for some cute weekender-style bag and end up with two bags on my shoulders.  Then I realized... Just because that looks more stylish... It doesn't exactly promote good physical health when concerning my back and shoulders!! I totally get why he wanted to use backpacks.

What's out there to solve this?

I pointed him to the osprey farpoints and they come in multiple carrying capacity sizes.  They are two backpacks with the larger one being appropriate for much bulkier items. The smaller bag has a laptop sleeve and is more like a typical backpack.  The small back straps onto the large one.  The large bag has good support to distribute weight easily and be easiest on the back. 
The small day pack is only available for the 55 and 70 liter sizes.

It might be a bit much for most people to get a 55 liter for work but if you really want to tote around a ton of stuff... It might warrant it.  I definitely recommend seeing these bags in person before purchasing though, and trying then on.  The smallest size which is more like a larger day pack does not have a laptop sleeve but it is quite roomy and can hold a lot of items while being easier on the back than just any other large back pack without moving into more technical backpacks typical for hiking and backpacking in the woods for a week.

osprey  farpoint series

Work hard, workout...look relatively stylish ... And save the back and shoulders!

I think the farpoint is actually a great option for people who want to do a lot and carry a lot daily... Probably more appealing to men, but I think they still look fashionable enough!

I am such a big fan of this brand and love their day packs and technical packs. It is one of the best for outdoor enthusiasts and backpacking with wonderful quality, customer service, and warranty! It's also great for trekking and work! You really feel a difference on your back with its support and design.

You know what else is great about it? It's perfect for a trip backpacking in Europe or hiking Machu pichu. 

A bag that meets a lottttt of high expectations for people who want to do it all.

On the way out of work, he informed me he is going to order it tonight! 

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