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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Purse Essentials June 2014

Purse essentials June 2014

Purse essentials June 2014 by Feier featuring a satchel purse

I like to be prepared wherever I go yet I also don't like to carry large purses.  Those are two conflicting wants in life so over time I've limited myself to a handful of items to keep in my purse.  For my medium-sized purses I'll put a lot of these items (+ some other personal items) in a small pouch to keep my purse organized.

I recently purchased this Mini Satchel Bag with Scallop Bar Detail purse from ASOS.com and I'm quite fond of it! It's not real leather but it has a nice feel to it, is not expensive, and is just darling.

Considering that I use my phone a lot for texting, browsing, calling, listening to music... my iPhone works pretty hard and sometimes runs out of juice.  There are a lot of battery boosters out there available for our electronics, but I'm a big fan of how sleek and small this Ultra Compact Portable Charger Lipstick Size by Anker (in pink!) is!

Also, being that it is summer right now my face gets oily quicker and I don't want my make-up to be running off my face.  I like to have oil blotting sheets with me like this Boscia one.  To freshen up on the go I like having this Instant Body Smoother by LA Fresh handy.

I wash my hands a lot, or use hand sanitizer (one of my essentials!) if necessary.  Washing my hands a lot results in some dry hands, dry cuticles... I really like having Rosebud Salve with me because it is good for moisturizing my skin, my nails, and work like a lip balm!  Speaking to dry cuticles and such, my nails have been getting hang nails and chipping more recently lately so I like to have mini nail clipper/file/poker with me at all times as well! It is really miserable for hang nails to be pulled out by accident by being caught on things like clothes.  I'm a big fan of the Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit because it really does rescue my hands!

Band-aids & Re-wetting drops because I'm a contact lens wearer is always helpful as well! My shoes tend to rub on the backs of my heels so I like to have band-aids handy to protect my feet.  Re-wetting drops for contact lenses is a no brainer for me, because my vision is so horrible.  If I got stranded somewhere with no contacts or glasses I don't even think I could get myself home.  I like to minimize that likelihood by keeping my contacts moist and I keep extra pair of glasses in the glovebox of my car.

You never know what happens when you're out and about... enjoy lunch but splatter some sauce on yourself? Spill coffee? ... I have a lot of clothes that happen to be white/light colored so having Shout Wipes with me is so practical not only for myself but other people I'm around (accidents apparently don't only happen to me ;-)). I actually like them a lot more than tide pens even though each wipe doesn't go nearly as far.  Even so, I find them to do a much cleaner job which is the point of having touch up cleaning on the go.

Last two items: Stationary.

I Love Collecting Stationary. I Love Colored Pens.  I have multiple sets of colored pens.  My favorite is actually the Paper Mate's Inkjoys + Staedtler Fineliner Pens because they both write so smooth.  As much as I love those pens, they are rather large.  For my purses, when I feel like carrying stationary with me I like to have these  mini Stabilo's with me along with a small notebook.

Yes, all of these things are teeny and purse friendly!  There's something so satisfying with being prepared for the day, especially when the items are so cute and small.


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