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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Closet Oranization June 2014

Closet organization 2014

My closet is starting to get out of control and I have no good excuse for it. It's a very large walk in closet and I just shove everything in there even if they're not clothes/accessories. There are things hanging on the back of the door, bags piled on each other, shoes still in boxes taking up room unworn because I don't notice them in their box... 

It really is not making good use of space.

It is really the multi-purpose closet because the coat closet is so tiny it barely fits my vacuum and a few jackets. I want to de clutter my apartment better. Just because things fit in the closet does not mean they should look like that in there, hah.

I bought thin hangers in the past but I still have a lot of thicker plastic ones which would be better served playing role of impromptu drying racks. I'm also accumulating skirts and like them to be hung up because I won't notice them to wear them otherwise... Same goes to pants hence I have extra pant hangers on my list for organizing my closet.

I'm curious about how the purse/shoe hanger will actually work out on my closet because I'm worried it will squash purses too much or shoes won't fit in it right.

One of my favorites on this list that I have yet to purchase is the hanging coupler thing that allows me to hang two sets of clothes in the same space.

I missed the wagon for spring cleaning but it's never too late!

Happy summer!

Time to make room for the summer wardrobe :)


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