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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A few of Feier's learnings and favorite things

This is my month-iversary with my JUKI sewing machine that I received from my boyfriend for Christmas 2013.  It has really brought great joy to my life and I've learned a lot about not only myself, sewing, but about the blogging world.

I've learned that sewing machines are a lot more complicated and particular than I was ever aware of.  Apparently my boyfriend knew more about them than I did (he's an engineer and uses them for sewing some of the prototypes of car air bags during the design process at work).  To quote him, "Yeah, that's why I bought you a computerized one and not a more mechanical one because I knew you wouldn't read the manual." Oh, he knows me too well... I did read 80% of it though! Mostly because I was having issues with figuring out how to take it apart to clean and how to adjust things.  I know better now though!

Here are some of my favorite "cheat sheet" resources that have helped me along the way:

I've learned that sewing is not really a money-saver.  The start up cost is actually pretty steep but I'm finding that you get what you pay for and that unless you somehow stumble upon like-new of notions, good stuff is pricy but it is worth it!  
The above is a photo from my start-up haul...But, it was 50% off!

To attempt to minimize the effects of my hobby making too big of dents in my bank account...

1.  Make lists of type of fabric and notions I will likely use for a variety of projects and be patient so I can buy them when they go on sale...
2.  Take advantage of sales (Like at Joann's, Fabric.com and the like) to stock up on the fabric/notions that are very versatile that I am very confident that I will use in the near future
3.  Sell some of the things I make (I'm not actively seeking any requests, but if they come about from my friends and acquaintances -- typically in person, then I may take them up on it to fund my hobby)
4.  Refrain from shopping as much (I think I may need to re-watch Confessions of a Shopaholic)

On the other hand, the hobby has it's own worth:
1.  CUSTOMIZATION: I can have it look however I want, in whatever pattern I want
2.  I don't have to search months for something because fabric in specific types of patterns and materials is easier to come upon so I can make it myself

I do love the world of options sewing and DIYs provides.  Here are a few of the projects I am really excited to undertake in the future (that will totally be featured here if/when I take them on!).

Isn't the internet amazing?


  1. Those projects look awesome! Can't wait to see how they turn out! Also, the little infographics are adorable (and super helpful)


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