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Friday, January 24, 2014

By Feiery: Fabric Labels

Iron/Sew on printable fabric labels:

So I bought some Avery Printable Fabric for Inkjet from Amazon two days ago...
I love that they are washable and so versatile! To my surprise, I recently received an "order" for the purse I made recently.  This inspired me to start making labels, some of which may be personalized for specific people, to iron or sew onto the products!  Even if they're just things I'm keeping at home and using myself, I think labels are fun!  Here are some photos:

I also decided to cut pieces of iron on vinyl as extra "security" in the hopes of the ink having better staying power.  I need to get better at the whole cutting thing... but this is the bag I'm keeping for myself, and the first purse I've ever sewed so I know that future projects will turn out better.

How do you add your own special touch to your projects?


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