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Monday, January 13, 2014

All that glitters: Pillow Edition

Glitter makes a day so much better.

Pillow 1:

So as alluded to in the previous post, I have this cylinder pillow from IKEA (years ago) that came with a red and white striped cover.  It really just reminds me of a candy cane.  I had plenty of white flannel with gold polka dots, the same pattern I used to make my neck pillow cover.

I was not sure what I'd really do with all the flannel I have given that it is pretty stretchy and I didn't want to waste it's softness on just Anything.  A pillow was a good candidate to be clothed by this flannel.

Top Left:  I folded a really long strip of flannel in half that will become the ties at the ends (so the pillow looks akin to a tootsie roll).  I sewed up the long side and one of the short sides.  Note, that the length is double the length of one end of the tie.  Then I turned it inside out.

Top Right: Using the original cover as a model, I cut a very large piece of flannel that will able to wrap entirely around the pillow with some additional fabric left to make it easier to slip it onto the pillow.  It would be helpful to see the final product first before attempting any of this of course.  The two ties are positioned, and the two visible/"right" sides of the large flannel are touching each other so the "wrong" sides are on the outside now.  This photo gives an overall view of the "wrong" sides of the fabric to demonstrate where the straps actually lay.

Middle Left: The ties that were made were then ironed flat and folded in half.  The folded end is then slipped in between the two sides of the large piece of flannel and clipped/pinned so that when the pillow is complete, this can tie outside the pillow.  

Middle Right:  Sew along the long end to also include sewing over the positioned ties. 

Bottom Left:  The edges/ends of the sides of the pillow are then double folded in and ironed flat, then sewed so that no frays are exposed.

Bottom Right: Fold in the frays and sew up the other end of the ties!

Pillow 2:
This project is inspired by the blog: A Beautiful Mess.

So I ordered this vinyl iron on glitter from amazon recently... and it arrived in the mail today.  What perfect timing, I really needed some glitter and fun today.  It's been gloomy, work was long, and this is such a great pick-me-up.  Also, this creation is still washable (though recommended to wash it inside out) !

I had these really plain white pillow covers around in my linen closet.  I think it originally came as a wet with an old comforter set where I sort of killed the comforter in the washer/dryer (not recommended... just go to a laundromat and use one of those really large capacity machines that can handle large comforters.  I don't know why I thought that could have been a good idea at the time...)

After a few moments (yes, just moments) of deciding what to do with this new glitter, I decided that because the pillows are for the bed I'd go with "SWEET DREAMS"

First of all, definitely read the instructions that come with the iron on glitter.

Top Left: Printed out large letters...and then cut them out

Top Right:  When tracing the design/letter on the duller side of the glitter, make sure that you flip the design/letter.

Middle Left: Draw out all of the design/letters and cut those out with an exact-o knife or scissors.  I'd probably have used an exact-o knife if I had any idea of where it was.

Middle Right:  With the shiny side up (the side you want to see), place the letters where you want them and iron it onto the fabric!

Bottom Left:  I used a ruler to help line up the letters to be perpendicular to the sides of the pillow and to make sure it's mostly centered.

Bottom Right: You'll notice that as you're ironing the vinyl-glitter that it will get really stiff, and sometimes the lining will curl up.  Make sure that the design/letter is completely adhered all around to the fabric (be careful...fabric can be pretty hot).  Peel off the lining.


Sweet Dreams, Everybody!


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