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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mint and Tiffany blue style : McCall Rocker Dress

When I first started sewing this year, I really thought I'd primarily focus on home decor, purses, accessories, and the like.  Currently, sewing clothes has actually been really enjoyable and I've enjoyed the process of tracing, cutting, and being able to envision the final product early on because the pieces just... make sense.  I am on so excited about sewing clothes that I've been ordering various clothing patterns.  The hard part now is finding appropriate fabric I like.

This dress is made from a (digital) pattern I purchased on McCall's.  Some minor modifications were made.  For this particular version of the dress the instructions called for knit lace and tricot (lining) but I really didn't feel like messing with such delicate fabric right now and I had purchased this fabric a while back and it is just such a pretty mint (slightly blue in certain lighting) embossed knit.  I didn't have a blunt needle handy but after messing around with tension and stitching length it all worked out without much of a hassle.  This dress is much easier than the Garden Party dress and it is more my style.  Another great perk is that it also comes with a youtube video that walks you through the basics of sewing this Rocker dress.

I was finishing up the hemming this morning and had my glasses on.  When I took my glasses off and set them on the dress I realized that the coloring is so close!  I love my Tiffany glasses and now I have a dress to match them! Mint and Tiffany Blue <3

Hopefully the weather will warm up so I can wear the dress!


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