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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hauling for Apparel

First major haul from Fabric.com!

I'll be beginning my apparel sewing journey, hopefully sooner rather than later.  This is a snap shot of everything that got delivered today! Now... details into the specifics.

Apparel fabric 1: 
The color isn't great in this close-up but it's a mint green embossed knit.  I plan on making a simple dress with it.  The pattern is a lot bigger than I had anticipated but I think it'll still look nice.

Apparel Fabric 2: Light pink eyelet for a dress.

Apparel Fabric 3: Teal crepe de chine, also for a dress... maybe a blouse?

Apparel Fabric 4: Black Chambray... maybe a skirt... dress... shirt?

I still need to find appropriate thread for these, but it's inspiring to even look at these right now!

Sturdy (washable!) fabric, home decor quality.  I'm contemplating making a laptop bag with this pattern, although I'm wondering if it'll be too "obnoxious" for work...

Oilcloth! Perfect for cosmetic bags and pouches!

I did not actually purchase yarn...I'm not sure if this is a fluke, or a consolation perk due to really late delivery.  I have no problem with the delivery being late given the kind of weather Atlanta has been having (my orders came from Georgia).  I can't complain though, it's good quality yarn and I do technically know how to knit/crochet.  This could make for a good project some day.

Stay warm everybody!


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